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3m Clear Protection

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Diamond Window Tinting clear bra car protection

3M Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra

3M Protection Film/Clear Bra is a revolutionary product. It is nearly invisible and is installed to protect a vehicle’s painted surface. It can also be used to protect a vehicle’s mirrors. It is the perfect material for protecting vehicles against sand, rocks and bug splatters. As it stands, it is the best product in its class on the market. Additional applications include bumpers, hoods, fenders and fog lights.

We apply the product directly on a vehicle’s highest zone of impact as the products is made to endure. Originally, the product was created to coat helicopter blades in during the Vietnam War. Now, its applications are widespread and are quite well-known in the NASCAR circuit. It is also used on boats and aircraft. With respect to market ratings, it has no true competitors.

3M Protective film arrives packaged in rolls. The clear adhesive coating is the side that is attached to a vehicle’s surface. It is well-suited for custom fitting and is what the pros prefer. Depending on the customer’s preferences, the film can also be polished for a shinier look. Maintenance free, 3M Protection film can protect a vehicle for years. This is why we use and recommend it. One of the best ways to see the film in action is to visit our location and speak with a technician. We are more than happy to answer all your questions.

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Paint production film is also known as clear bra, or PPF. It is a revolutionary, nearly invisible protection shield that can be installed over the painted surfaces of a vehicle. It is perfect for helping guard against rocks, debris, sand, and acids for bug spatter. 3M is considered to be the best material on the market. This is the product that our company uses.

Characteristics of 3M Clear Bra Film

It is completely durable and has several practical benefits that trump other protective films. An example is its leather bra. We apply the film to headlights and every inch of the vehicle’s painted surface to prevent the accumulation and buildup of harmful materials. While we use the product for vehicles, it is also suitable for aircraft and even boats. 3M clear bra has no real competition on the market. It beats other products hands down.

The films' clear adhesive side is what attaches to a vehicle’s surface. Each roll is manufactured in a specific size that may range up to 60 inches in width. It is also easily suited for custom cutting. Its transparency is amazingly resilient, and will retain its color over time. The 3M Clear Bra film can also be polished if you want a shinier, cutting edge look.

Its application depends on the preferences of the applicator or the vehicle’s owner. We are thorough, and will make sure the entire car is protected. Once we install the product, you can rest assured that it is maintenance-free. The paint underneath will not be damaged by the adhesive side of the product.

We advise any car owned that is concerned about their car’s protection to give the product a spin. There is no downside to the product’s use and will protect the vehicle’s paint and surfaces for years to come.

Clear Bra Comparisons

The Scotchgard Pro Series is considered to be top of the line and represent the very latest in paint protection film technology. This product is designed to give vehicles years of protection without any need for maintenance whatsoever. When the material is scratched, it disappears and keeps the vehicle looking good. When paint scratches it has to be touched up. It is the top choice for protecting vehicles from scratches, debris, chips and stains.

The Scotchgard, regular series, is also a good product but is not manufactured 60 inches wide. This may create a problem because it is difficult to fully cover a hood without creating a seam. It comes with a five-year warranty.

VentureShield is the third pick. It can be installed and it leaves your vehicle with a glassy look. However it is not clear-coated and requires on-going cleaning to maintain its glossy clear look. It comes with a five-year warranty, but may yellow over time.

Our love for customer service inspires us to use only the best clear bra for cars on the market. Drop in or call anytime. We enjoy educating customers about our products and our commitment to excellence.


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