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Diamond Window Tinting Kent
Diamond Window Tinting Kent Washington
Diamond Window Tinting in Kent

There are numerous reasons that people decide that glass tinting is the way to go. It could simply be for lifestyle. People enjoy the idea of owning a nice car with tinted glass. Call it vanity, but everybody likes to have something in their possession that will turn heads. There is always a mystery too as to who is in the car behind the wheel. People also tint their windows for job-related reasons.

Tinted car windows are popular in law enforcement circles. Others choose to tint their windows for medical reasons. Some people are sensitive to sunlight. Whatever the reason, we have the skills and the talent to provide the best services for automotive glass tinting in Kent.

We always inform our customers that their window tint will be within Washington’s allowable guidelines. Our services cover two main areas: glass tinting and 3M Protection Film/Clear Bra.

Glass Tinting – Window tinting is popular around the country. It is one the best and quickest ways to improve your car’s looks and comfort. You will even find that your vehicle stays much cooler and that your window glass is safer and less prone to crack from the sun or harmful elements. While added comfort and safety are huge benefits, it also gives your car a cool look that will turn heads. Our customers love this benefit. Always make sure that your glass tints follow the guidelines set your state. Give your car the factory showroom look and feel it deserves.

3M Protection Film – When you want to take your car’s appeal to the next level, this is the road to take. It is a revolutionary product that can provide a clear, protective film that protects windows, paint jobs, hoods, bumpers, fog lights, and virtually anything on your vehicle’s exterior. The film even allows minor scratches to disappear over time. It is maintenance free, which is another amazing quality. It is highly recommended that you let a professional service install the product for best results.

Knowing that your car looks good and is protected is a good thing. It is also a good thing to live, work and play in Kent. Here are a few interesting facts about Kent.

Kent is located in the Green River Valley of King Country. It is a suburb of Seatlle and contains three distinct areas: East Hill, the Valley, and West Hill. The city maintains a Boeing facility and other prominent companies that include Ober Sausage, Whirlpool, and General Electric. The impressive Mount Rainier and the Cascade Mountains are visible in the near distance, and is reachable within an hour’s drive. The Green River runs through the city and Lake Meridian is close by on East Hill. In 2003, the city was named the “Sportstown of the Year.” It rains a lot, and the average annual rainfall is 39 inches.

Attractions include Kent Station, which is a mega entertainment center of retail businesses and restaurants. The Kent Farmers Market is rather famous and attracts people from both within and outside the state. The Greater Kent Historical Society is a good organization be affiliated with because there are numerous historical destinations within the city. Whether a resident or visitor, make sure you reserve time for the Museum of Flight and Earthworks.

Enjoy life; enjoy Kent. Just make sure that you do it in style when riding in your own vehicle. One way to do that is to tint your windows and take it to the next level with 3M Protection Film/Clear Bra. Call today or walk in and visit for a while. We think you will be impressed with our services. Auto glass tinting in Kent WA does not get any better.


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