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As a premier window tinting company, located in Tukwila, we service the Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Everett metropolitan areas.

At Diamond Window Tinting, it never ceases to amaze us how much people enjoy expressing themselves. There is definitely a creative streak that lies deep within everyone. People just need a little encouragement to express it. What better way to express yourself than through your vehicle? Window tinting represents one-in-a-million ways to show the world your creative side. Window tinting and applying 3M clear bra film just happens to be our field of expertise, and our own way of expressing ourselves.

Express Yourself with Window Tinting

Drivers have any number of reasons for tinting their vehicle’s windows. While many do it to complement their personalities, others do it for medical reasons. Some people are sensitive to light and have authorization for their doctor. Drivers tint their windows to show their patriotism, while others tint their windows with the picture of an animal or sport team. The options are unlimited.

However, we do caution drivers to be aware of their state law regulations with respect to tinted windows. If your windows are too dark, they may attract the attention of law enforcement who are always on the lookout for anything that looks suspicious. As part of our customer service philosophy, we always advise customers to use common sense. When we install a window tint, you can rest assured that it meets state guidelines and regulations. We want you enjoy your vehicle without the worry of being pulled over for a ticket.

That being said, each of the cities that we serve has its own distinct personality, just like you. These cities are also a window tinting location that we are proud to serve.


Seattle has a lot to offer and may be best known today as the birthplace of Starbucks Coffee. Starbucks is the perfect example of a successful business, made famous, by catering to people who enjoy expressing their own unique personality. It is also consider to be one of the country’s greenest cities. The “Emerald City” is nestled comfortably beneath the mighty Mt. Rainier and the Cascade and Olympic Mountains.

The city is also famed for Puget Sound and happens to the hold the distinction of being one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are a plethora of attractions that are both manmade and natural. If you are visiting, you will not have a hard time finding things to do.


Bellevue if Washington’s fifth largest city and has a population of 126,000. The city is booming with jobs and its skyline is filled with gleaming high-rise buildings. Business thrive downtown while the rest of the community has been able to maintain its small-town feel. It is a woodsy town nestled within vast networks of green spaces. People enjoy the public parks, hiking trails and beaches.


Tacoma is vibrant hub of 200,000 people and is spread over 62 square miles. That is a lot land when you think about it. However, Tacoma is well known for its public transportation system that consists of light rail trains, light rail, electric powered trains, buses and ferries. People have no trouble getting to where they need to be. There is plenty to do with respect to entertainment, dining and leisure. The city welcomes unique personalities.


Situated along the Port Gardner Peninsula in the Puget Sound region, the city is famous for having the second biggest marina on the entire West Coast. The Boeing Assembly Facility makes its home in Everett. There is also a naval station along with the Kimberly-Clark paper mill. Its international seaport is a big plus for the city’s economy. There are a lot of fun things to do and historical sites to see.

Whether you are a resident at one of the above cities, or just a visitor passing through, you can always make your life a little more interesting and fun with professionally tinted windows. Stop in or call. We are always happy to discuss the benefits of tinting your windows.

Diamond Window Tinting

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