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Increase the Range of Electric or Hybrid Vehicles with Window Film

Gas prices seem to continually creep higher and more people are opting to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicles. Those are both great options to help save you money, but they can both be made even better. Did you know that by utilizing a heat rejecting automotive window film, you can increase the range of your electric or hybrid vehicle? In this brief article we will explain the how and why automotive window film is beneficial in this area.

First, let’s explore one of the primary ways that the battery in an EV or hybrid vehicle gets drained. In addition to powering the vehicle, much of the power from the batteries goes to operating the comfort systems. These would include things like lights, sound system and most importantly, the HVAC system. Depending on the vehicle, use of the air conditioning can reduce range from 9-17%. See estimate graphics from Tesla’s own website below that show range estimate for various cars in their line-up with all things being equal except the use of the HVAC system.

Model Range without HVAC Use

Increase the Range of Electric or Hybrid Vehicles with Window Film


Model Range with HVAC Use

Increase the Range of Electric or Hybrid Vehicles with Window Film

Now that we have established that running the HVAC does decrease the range of your vehicle, how can window tint help? Through the use of an automotive window film, solar energy entering the car through the windows can be reduced significantly. By reducing the heat entering the vehicle, the need to run the HVAC will be reduced and that will extend your range. Over time, through the extended range and reduced running costs, the window tint installation could actually pay for itself.

Hopefully this brief article will help you understand how window tint can help you increase the range of your electric vehicle or hybrid. If you would like more information about automotive window film and how they can be implemented into your electric or hybrid vehicle, contact us by calling (206) 403-1366.

Keep Your Car Protected with the Best Seattle Window Tinting Service

Tukwila, WA – Auto window tint prevents harmful UV rays from getting inside the car while prolonging its life span. At Diamond Window Tinting, clients can expect to receive a superior level of satisfaction from the services and products offered. The experts at this well-established window tinting Seattle company features high quality tints and performs specialized techniques to provide the best results.

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According to Brandon Chong, owner of Diamond Window Tinting, “We make sure that your car gets that elegant appeal while keeping it protected from the damaging heat of the sun. This is what we are here for – to make sure you get the best bang for your buck with our wide range of tint products to suit your specific needs.” He added, “At the end of the day, all we want is for our clients to walk away feeling satisfied with the service they get from us. So, we make sure we maintain a level of trust with our clients by doing our best to meet their expectations.”

Those who ask the question “where to find the best window tinting near me?” will discover that Diamond Window Tinting is the answer they have been looking for. With a convenient location, customers can easily drop by and have their vehicle windows tinted by specialists. This tinting shop also complies with state guidelines when it comes to tinting auto windows, which is important in preventing any encounters with law enforcers on the road.

Different brands of tint are widely available at this Seattle window tinting shop. Among the brands featured include Suntek CXP, Panaflex Ceramic, and Suntex Carbon. Depending on the budget and requirements of their clients, they can choose just the right brand that matches their needs.

About the Company:

For years, Diamond Window Tinting has been offering exceptional tinting services to clients situated in Seattle. Its dedication to providing only the best products to clients has made it a well-respected and trustworthy tinting business. It also caters to residents of Tacoma, Seattle, Tukwila, Kent, Tacoma, Bellevue, and Auburn. At present, it remains as among the finest auto window tinting shops in town that customers can count on for a superior level of service at all times.

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Different Types of Window Tinting

Many people have tinted their windows to improve the look of their vehicle. Window tint provides protection against the effects of harsh sunlight. Due to the current condition of our ozone layer, which seems to have no chance of becoming better, scientists and environmentalists, in coordination with other respective individuals, have come up with several innovations that people can use for protection from the damages that our steadily deteriorating ozone layer can cause us.
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The sun is up and the temps are expected to break 100.

Sound familiar?

Well, that’s what you can expect this summer in California, Arizona, and even Washington.
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Window Tinting Protects Against Everything

Lots of different hazards put cars at risk. Ultraviolet radiation can cause fading, damaging the interior of cars. The heat from sunlight can also potentially cause long-term damage. Naturally, both of these hazards are going to present problems for the people who are actually riding in the vehicles in question. Drivers will also live in fear of break-ins, even if they’re careful with a lot of basic security precautions. Window tinting can guard against all of these different hazards and more. Local individuals can strongly benefit from nearby Bellevue WA window tinting services and the surrounding areas. Seattle tint services are available for all local individuals.
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High Quality Auto Glass Tinting

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